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How do I activate my network account? - HOW DO I / Technology - NMIT Support

How do I activate my network account?

You must have completed your enrolment for the following to work. If you have just completed your enrolment today, you will need to wait overnight for the system to sync, then follow the instructions below to activate the account.

Before you can successfully start using the NMIT network or email service you are required to activate your login.

You can do this either;

  • On campus - using one of our computers, or
  • Off campus - using your own device.

For either option you will need to know your NMIT account details.  The user name is usually in the format, this is also your NMIT email address.  If on your enrolment form you have indicated a preferred name instead of your first name (e.g. Sue not Susan) then your user name will be as will your email address. Scroll down for more details

As part of the activation process you will be asked to change your password from the default temporary one supplied. It's simple to do and the instructions for each are below:

On campus 

Activating using an NMIT computer

Turn on the computer and wait for the login screen to load which will look like the example below (Windows 10).

Enter your NMIT user name as outlined above.  (When you are using an NMIT computer you can use a shortened version of your user name firstname-lastname, as the computers will accept this) Then enter your temporary default password.  



Note:  You cannot access the WiFi at NMIT until you have activated your network account.


Off campus

Activating using your own device

If you're off campus and logging in for the first time, you'll need to Activate your account

You'll be directed to a page with the following form.



Entering your details

Step 1 - User name

In this step only, enter your user name in the first box. e.g. or

Step 2 - Current password (this is the temporary default password)

The temporary default password for you is in the following format:

[StudentID][your initials - first name (or preferred) initial as a capital and lastname initial as lowercase] e.g. If your student ID is 123456 and your name is John Smith, then your default password would be; 123456Js

Your student ID will be printed on your Confirmation of Enrolment letter, however if you are unable to locate it then please contact us and we will be able to provide it to you.

Click on the arrow to proceed

Step 3 - New password

You are now required to create a new personal password which you will enter each time you login from now on.

This password format is quite secure and requires you to follow these rules:

It must contain at least

  1. 8 characters
  2. 1 capital letter e.g. A, B, C ...
  3. 1 lower case letter e.g. a, b, c …
  4. 1 number e.g. 1, 2, 3

The password is case sensitive so you will need to remember which letters were which

It must not contain

  1. Spaces
  2. 3 consecutive letters from your username e.g. your username is john-smith, you can't use john, smith, smi, etc.
  3. A previous password

An example would be; Q@34gVc1 but you could use a memorable phrase: SoGladIDid2017

You will be requested to enter this new password again to confirm it.

A short video is available on this process if you are having trouble with these instructions:

Signing in to NMIT apps

Now you have activated your account you can now user your full user name and password combination to sign in to any of our applications such as Moodle, Office 365 or the library tools.

You can find a list of them here

This new password will also work to login to a NMIT computer.