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What happens on my first day? - HOW DO I / International students / Before you arrive - NMIT Support

What happens on my first day?

We look forward to seeing you on your first day.

Please see the International Enrolments Team with your passport and visa.   You will be able to find the address and the time on your Offer Document.

Once you have finalised your enrolment we will issue you with an NMIT Student Identification Card (SID).  This is useful for many things like loaning books from the library, logging onto computers, photocopying, obtaining discounts on things like cinema tickets and food.

The International Enrolments Team will then take you through the Orientation session, which will include:

  • Visa obligations
  • Insurance
  • Moodle access and libary services
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Locations for the doctors, police and supermarkets
  • Student Support Team and the services they offer
  • Meet community groups such as SANITI and The Friends Society who offer off-campus activities
  • Campus Tour

Further information can be found in the International Student Guide.