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What support can offshore online students access? - HOW DO I / Current students / Student support / Study and learning - NMIT Support

What support can offshore online students access?

Offshore online students can access many of the support services provided by the Learner Services team and their collaborative partners. 

Learner Services supports offshore online students to

  • Manage stress, anxiousness or worries
  • Manage deadlines and extensions
  • Understand resubmit, reconsideration, special assessment processes¬†
  • Improve academic writing
  • Use APA referencing
  • Find library and database resources
  • Use English as a second language
  • Learn digital and computer skills
  • Develop math and science skills
  • Improve general study skills
  • Prepare for assessments and tests
  • Access independent support and advocacy

We can support students by Zoom, Skype, or email.

For further information contact the Learning or Wellbeing Support Teams:

Request learning and wellbeing support through the Learner Services online Support Request Form