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What is studying in New Zealand like? - HOW DO I / International students / Studying - NMIT Support

What is studying in New Zealand like?

Learning in New Zealand may be quite different to what you have experienced previously. 

You are expected to take responsibility for your own learning with an emphasis on overall individual development. 

You can expect to study on your own after class hours to meet the academic requirements. Individual or group assessments are a common feature with occasional written examinations or quizzes, depending on your study area. You will need to produce independent work showing your own ideas rather than replicating classroom learning in writing. You can talk to your tutors and our learning advisors about this. Tutors are very approachable and are generally addressed by their first names.

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct includes any breach of rules relating to the conduct of tests or examinations and any dishonest practice occurring in the preparation or submission of any work (whether during an examination or not) which counts towards the attainment of a grade in any course or otherwise occurring in connection with any summative assessment. 

Dishonest practices includes cheating, plagiarism, submitting work which has been jointly prepared for presentation (in circumstances where this has not been communicated to students as legitimate) or which has previously been submitted elsewhere and using notes during a closed book test.

Refer to Section 3 of our Academic Statute for further information on Academic Regulations.