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What is different about driving in New Zealand? - HOW DO I / International students / Living in New Zealand - NMIT Support

What is different about driving in New Zealand?

Roads in New Zealand are different to the rest of the world. Before you start driving in New Zealand, it is really important to understand how to keep safe on our roads.

  • Many roads in New Zealand have varying conditions. They may be narrow, windy and cover hilly terrain or be covered in gravel.
  • It is easy to underestimate drive times when looking at a map.
  • Weather related hazards such as snow or ice are commonplace.
  • Not all New Zealand rail crossings have automatic alarms and arm barriers.

Helpful resources

  • The NZTA has produced a great booklet about Driving in New Zealand. It explains everything you need to know about staying safe and obeying New Zealand’s driving laws. The booklet is available in 14 languages. 
  • The website has a lot of useful information about driving in New Zealand.