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Finishing your studies checklist - HOW DO I / Current students / Before you leave - NMIT Support

Finishing your studies checklist

A few things to consider before you finish up your studies:

  1. Export any files you have saved in Office 365 
  2. Inform contacts who email you to your email address that you'll no longer be accessing it
  3. Create a MyNMIT account
  4. Ensure we have your up to date personal email and postal address (you can check this in MyNMIT)
  5. Return your library books
  6. Clear your locker (if you have one)

As your current studies come to an end, it's worth knowing that your NMIT student Office 365 account ( expires 1 month after the last date of your enrolment. This means you will no longer be able to;

  • access any files or emails stored in O365/Moodle/OneNote etc,
  • sign in to NMIT applications (Moodle, MyNMIT etc) using your student account,
  • Connect to the campus Wi-Fi (NMIFI)

If you're planning on returning to study again then make sure you re-enrol by submitting your application online or visit the Information and Enrolments team.