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What is careers counselling? - HOW DO I / Current students / Student support / Careers and employment - NMIT Support

What is careers counselling?

Are you unsure about your future direction? Do you know what you want to do but need help choosing subjects and topics to support this? Perhaps you need help with job interviews and applications? 

Careers counselling will help you

  • Understand your skills, values, interests and achievements.
  • Break down preconceived ideas, such as: I must become a lawyer because my father is one.
  • Find out about possible job options after study.
  • Find out more about job details, further study and the local and national labour market.
  • Gain skills for the successful handling of interviews, job research, cover letters and application forms.  

Careers counselling is about helping you find meaning and purpose in your life and giving you the confidence and skills to thrive in the society of today and tomorrow. 

For more information talk to the team at SANITI, or a careers professional at