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MyNMIT says I don't have an account when I thought I did

If you think you should have an account but experienced one of these scenarios:

  • tried to sign in to MyNMIT and been presented with an error
  • attempted to reset your password but received an email telling you that you don't have an account

then you either;

  • previously registered with a different email address
  • or need to migrate your account

Previous email address

We process a lot of registrations where the email address we have on file is different to the one entered. Often this is because the email was a school or organisation issue one or that of a parent/caregiver etc.

In this case, simply create an account and we will match you to any previous records

How do I create a MyNMIT account?

Migrating your account

If you had previously applied online and had a MyNMIT account, then you may need to migrate your account and set a new password (we relaunched MyNMIT on 25 September 2018 and all previous account passwords were not migrated).

My password is not being accepted - migrate your account