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How to forward your student email to a personal account - HOW DO I / Technology / Email - NMIT Support

How to forward your student email to a personal account

Your NMIT student email account is part of the Office 365 cloud suite. It comes with a 50GB Mailbox, Calendar, Contacts and anti SPAM features.  

Your personal NMIT email address is in the format e.g.

We strongly recommend that you regularly check your NMIT Office 365 email account so that you do not miss important notices. This could be especially important in times of civil emergency where your Student Mailbox will be a vital part of any emergency communication process. However, we realise that you may have an existing and preferred e-mail account, or you may wish to redirect your Office 365 account to your smart device.

Setting up your mail forward

1. Login to your NMIT Outlook mailbox

2. Click on the cog on the top right of the screen.

3. From the Navigation panel on the left hand side of the screen, choose Mail, Forwarding

  • Select 'Enable forwarding' and 'Keep a copy of forwarded messages' then enter your personal email address. 

Click 'Save' in the bottom right corner

Now all emails received in your NMIT email address will be forwarded to your personal email address and a copy will be saved. If you want to stop this, unselect Enable Forwarding and Save

Please be aware that forwarding email is not a fail safe method of receiving all communications and we strongly recommend that you check your NMIT Office 365 email account to ensure you are not missing important information.