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How do I provide proof of my citizenship? - HOW DO I / Applying / How to apply / Short courses - NMIT Support

How do I provide proof of my citizenship?

If you have not previously studied at NMIT, you will need to provide proof of citizenship in order to finalise your enrolment. To do this we will need to view a verified copy/original of one of the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate with a place of birth stated as New Zealand, Cook Island, Tokelau or Niue
  • New Zealand or Australian passport
  • NMIT's Whakapapa Statement
  • Certificate of citizenship or letter of confirmation
  • Overseas passport with residency label
  • Overseas passport with work visa label/working holiday label

A drivers licence cannot be used as it does not state your citizenship or gender.

You can bring the original documentation to Enrolments Centre or provide a verified copy (a photocopy of your original document - signed as being a true and accurate copy). 

Who can legally verify your documents?

  • A Justice of the Peace (JP)
  • Barrister or Solicitor
  • Notary Public
  • Court Register
  • Deputy Registrar

You can also ask:

  • A Member of Parliament
  • Land Transport New Zealand
  • Public Trust or local authority employee designated for this purpose.

If you are in a remote community and unable to access a person listed in the Oaths and Declaration Act, a member of the New Zealand Police, school principal, minister of religion, or general practitioner is acceptable.