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Best student storage options - HOW DO I / Technology / Office 365 - NMIT Support

Best student storage options

Want to save files and photos for your course at NMIT? Use this guide to decide the best place:

H: drive

The H: drive on our network - otherwise known as Home or My Documents - is for limited emergency storage only. You may find you can’t save your work there if your files have exceeded the 50mb size limit. 

Memory Stick/Pen/USB drives 

Memory Stick/Pen/USB drives are convenient and small, but can easily get lost or fail, and are not at all secure (unless you encrypt them and then you may forget your password!).

Office 365 OneDrive

OneDrive cloud store under your Office 365 is where you want to be saving your stuff as that gives you a massive 1TB of file store plus the ability to easily:

  • access your files from anywhere over the internet
  • share files with others and edit them together in real time
  • sync files and specific folders down to your own devices, including Macs and mobile phones

For further information on OneDrive: