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Why & how should I keep my NMIT account secure? - HOW DO I / Technology / Stay Safe Online - NMIT Support

Why & how should I keep my NMIT account secure?

You’re responsible for all activity under your NMIT username & password so don’t share it with anyone else. Try and do the following: 

  • Consider using a passphrase rather than a password, e.g. Imgoing2Betterme@NMIT which is more easily remembered and personal to you, and hugely harder to crack by automated password attacks. 
  • If any emails have links asking you for account details treat them as suspicious first and check them out using the Stop & Think before you Click techniques in other FAQs. 
  • If you’re concerned someone else may know your NMIT password, change it ASAP 
  • On any NMIT PC by doing Crtl, Alt, Del and ‘Change a password’ 
  • Off campus via our Password Reset service providing you have setup your Security Questions beforehand. 
  • Alternatively, contact the IT ServiceDesk on 0800 nmitIT (664848) with your student ID number to hand