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What to do when . . . there's a problem

NMIT | Te Pūkenga has a suite of procedures and policies to guide problem resolution.

  1. Academic Integrity policy - detailing the academic expectations of students and what is not acceptable

  2. Ākonga Appeals Procedure - ensuring academic appeals from students are fairly heard and academic standards are maintained.

  3. Ākonga Concerns and Complaints Resolution Procedure - providing procedural steps for responding to formal complaints by students about NMIT services, facilities, programmes, other students, or staff.

  4. Breach of Academic Integrity Procedure - providing the NMIT community with the procedural steps to be taken when academic misconduct is suspected, and/or alleged, and/or proven

  5. Harassment (Prevention and Management) - providing guidance to resolve situations involving harassment

  6. Student Misconduct Procedure - providing explanations of what constitutes student misconduct, the consequences, and procedures for dealing with it.

  7. Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Procedure - providing procedural steps in cases of repeated and continuing non-achievement of academic standards or where a student is considered at risk of being unable to complete their course of study