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What happens if I have a debt to NMIT? - HOW DO I / Applying / Fees, costs and financing - NMIT Support

What happens if I have a debt to NMIT?

You must settle all amounts owing to NMIT incurred as a result of your programme, accommodation, overdue library books, or participation in activities of NMIT. Results will be withheld and you cannot graduate until all debts are paid.

NMIT reserves the right to supply personal information relating to you to debt collection agencies, or to any other person as may be necessary, in respect of any debt you may have with NMIT.

It is important to note

  • You are liable for all fees and charges on the date you enrol. If you do not start the programme or do not attend all of the sessions, you are still liable for all fees, unless you have officially withdrawn within the refund period.
  • If you don't enrol but attend classes at NMIT, you will be liable for all fees associated with the programme and will receive an invoice.
  • Fees not paid by due date may attract a late payment penalty.
  • Some programmes require fees for assessment, examination, or subject entry fees - these fees are paid to external bodies such as NZQA, Nursing Council, etc. These fees may be included in your total fee. Check with your Programme Area about any such fees.
  • You may not be permitted to attend class if you still owe NMIT money from a previous programme.
  • Some financial assistance may be available to you. Check out our financial assistance page.