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What are the rules for using the computer facilities? - HOW DO I / Technology / Using campus computers & printers - NMIT Support

What are the rules for using the computer facilities?

The NMIT computer network is provided for educational purposes, and all current students have the right to use the network for that purpose.

Please DO NOT use the computer facilities for:

  • Attempting to add unlicensed, inappropriate or illegal software to the network or copying software.
  • Using the network to run games or private business activities.
  • Using the network to access, distribute or create material that is offensive or unlawful or inappropriate (e.g. pornography).
  • Hacking activities (e.g. attempting to access files belonging to another student, changing or attempting to change system software, etc.).
  • Causing problems for other users (e.g. changing workstation software, downloading very largeĀ internet files, printing very large files, etc.).
  • Copying files on or off the network that are not part of your own work.