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I can't set a MyNMIT password - HOW DO I / Technology / NMIT Website / MyNMIT / Create an account - NMIT Support

I can't set a MyNMIT password

As part of the MyNMIT create an account process, after you confirm your email you are taken to a page to set a new password.

This page displays the password criteria that your phrase must match in order to be accepted. 

All of the criteria must be satisfied, especially the last point for data breaches. If you are having difficulty with completing this item, then we suggest you make your password more complex as by adding a special character or symbol. 

Try entering the password you wish to use on this website . If the page turns red, you will not be able to use it and it is recommended that you change this on any other website that you may also use it. Learn more about data breaches.

You will not be able to proceed until all the grey dashes turn green.

Once all the grey dashes have turned green the final button Set password will turn blue and you can successfully submit. Only then will you have set the password and will have completed the process.

You will then be taken to a success page and can sign in to MyNMIT using your email address and newly set password.