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How do I ensure my home Wi-Fi is good for online learning? - HOW DO I / Technology / Online Learning - NMIT Support

How do I ensure my home Wi-Fi is good for online learning?

Many factors affect your internet experience that you can’t control, e.g. how busy the internet is or how busy the particular services you’re accessing are, but there are some you can control that will make a considerable difference:

  • Get your computer as physically close to your Wi-Fi modem as possible – try and get maximum bars on the internet access / Wi-Fi indicator on your device
  • If your home Wi-fi network is shown twice in your wireless network list, the one with ‘5G’ will give faster connection speeds at shorter distances, whilst the one without 5G offers wider coverage further from the router, but usually at slower speeds. So, choose the 5GHz one if you’re sitting close to your Wi-fi router, or the other (2.4GHz connection) if you’re further away.
  • Tell your mates if they wouldn’t mind awfully just to stop gaming / streaming for once...
  • Ideally connect to the modem directly via an ethernet cable (then you’re not sharing Wi-Fi!) 
  • If getting serious go slows / drop outs, restart your computer before restarting the Wi-Fi modem if necessary...but make sure you know the Wi-Fi modem password first.
  • If on a limited data plan / quota, set a data limit on your Wi-Fi to help manage it. In Windows 10, select the Wi-Fi network in use, click Properties and the Metered Connection option.