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How do I apply for research ethics approval? - HOW DO I / Library / Research and finding academic information - NMIT Support

How do I apply for research ethics approval?

When you consider doing a research project, you need to consider ethical aspects of your research. This means that you must:

  • endeavour to maintain the safety of all human and animal participants in the project;
  • consider the impact of your research and any published outputs;
  • ensure that there will be no adverse ethical impacts on communities and groups;
  • is in accordance with NMIT’s Te Tiriti o Waitangi Policy.

All research at NMIT, whether undertaken by staff members, or by students as part of undergraduate, post-graduate courses, requires ethics approval. Depending on the type and topic of research, some research may be exempt (e.g. using existing publicly available data), while other (most) research will require one or more types of approval/consultation. Discuss with your degree programme coordinator, whether your project needs ethics approval.

If your research involves animals or impacts Māori, please contact the Research Office for more information (

Use the attached Research Ethics Application Student Template form to apply for research ethics approval. 

If your research requires participant consent, your application must include a Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form. There are two templates for submitting the Information sheet: one for qualitative research (interviews) and one for quantitative (surveys and online questionnaires), both forms are attached below.

Send the application and information sheet to your supervisor and coordinator for approval.