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How can I save money on food while studying? - HOW DO I / International students / Living in New Zealand - NMIT Support

How can I save money on food while studying?

Are you a New Zealand student on a tight budget? Are you an international student getting used to different pricing and ways of doing things? 

No matter your situation, there are many ways to save money on food. Some of these include:

  • Make your own lunch, such as sandwiches.
  • Refill your water or juice bottle or make your own coffee instead of purchasing drinks.
  • In supermarkets or other larger stores, buy the supermarket own-brand labels.
  • Pick up a decent cookbook in a garage sale, at a second hand shop or through Trade Me.
  • Buy staples like rice in bulk.
  • In Nelson and Marlborough there are specialty food shops that may have the foods you are looking for - ask your fellow students or our international cultural advisors.
  • Farmers markets are a good option for purchasing cheap fruit and vegetables.
    • Nelson: use Nelson’s Wednesday market at Morrison Square or Saturday's market in Montgomery Square.
    • Marlborough: there is a Farmers Market each Sunday at the A&P Showgrounds.