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Connect to NMIT Guest WiFI - HOW DO I / Technology / Connecting to WiFi - NMIT Support

Connect to NMIT Guest WiFI

Connecting to the NMIFI-Guest Wireless Network

NMIFI-Guest WiFi is only for all guests who are visiting NMIT staff for a short term or external parties who using Campus Rooms/Labs for event and seminars.

To access the internet, the guest will need to connect to NMIT-Guest WiFi network and use the code provided by the NMIT Staff who you are visiting or by NMIT Campus Services if you are an external party who booked Campus Rooms/Labs for an event or seminar etc

All the instruction you need are in the NMIT-Guest WiFi guide that provided (printed or email) by NMIT Staff or Campus Services Team this will look like bellow.

When you request a NMIT Guest WiFi pass please mention these to responsible NMIT Staff (who are organising)

  1. When you need this?
  2. How long you need this for?
  3. How many devices are going get connect?

Connecting as a Guest to the NMIT's Guest Wireless Network


You have been granted access to the NMIT's wireless network, which you can use to access internet services.

Your guest pass key is: XXXXXXX

This guest pass is valid until Date Time

Connect your wireless-ready device to the following network(s): NMIT-Guest, as detailed in the instructions printed below.

Before you start, please review the following requirements.


A wireless-network-ready computer

NMIT's "guest" network name

The guest pass (a text "key")


Using your guest pass to connect requires a series of two procedures: (1) connecting your PC to the NMIT's "guest" network, then (2)

logging in as a qualified guest.

Finding the Wireless "Guest" Network

On your PC/Windows desktop, check the system tray for a Wireless Connection icon.

Click on this icon to display the wireless connection list

The name of your guest WLAN will be listed in the wireless connection list

Select your guest WLAN and click Connect.

If a Wireless Network Connection confirmation dialog box asks you to confirm "connecting to an unsecured network", click

Connect Anyway.

A connection status dialog may appear, while a network address is obtained and initial connection established.

If the Wireless Network Connection window displays "Connected", you can close this window and proceed to the next


Logging into the Network as a Guest

Start a web browser and try to connect to

If a security warning for the Subscriber Portal page appears, trust the Subscriber Portal site and do all the actions that are

required to continue browsing

The Subscriber Portal "Sign In" page appears.

At the Guest Pass text box, enter the text of your guest pass key (by typing or pasting), read the Terms of Use section, check

Accept Terms of Use and click Sign In.

The guest wireless network "Sign Out" page appears and indicates that you are now signed in to the Subscriber Portal.

If the page you tried to open is not displayed, use the browser's popup blocker to display it.

You can now check your personal email and browse the Web.

When you finish browsing, click on Sign Out at the Sign Out page.


With a guest pass, you have access to the internet and World Wide web, but you cannot use any services such as file sharing, intranets,

or printers. If these services are needed, have your company liaison/contact work with the IT department to discuss setting you up with

full user access to the secure network.