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How do I renew my student visa? - HOW DO I / International students / Studying - NMIT Support

How do I renew my student visa?

We can help you change or extend your student visa and insurance during the time you study at NMIT. 

If you need help with your visa, please contact the international staff at the Information and Enrolment Centre in A Block, 322 Hardy Street, Nelson.  In Marlborough, please see reception staff.

In order to renew your student visa for the following year/s, you must provide the following:

1. Offer and Receipt documents

2. Bank statement/s that shows:

  • a debit transaction that shows your fees and insurance has been paid for the year AND
  • transactions for the last six months AND 
  • lump deposits over NZD$300 must have supporting document (eg wage slips) AND
  • maintenance funds of NZD$15,000 per year, or NZD$7,500 for one semester (or NZD$1,250 per month) PLUS 
  • either an additional NZD$2,000 for Outward Travel or return ticket home

3. Attendance record

4. Academic results

5. If required, a support letter from your programme area that provides an explanation of why you did not complete more than 75% of your courses last year and/or did not attend all of your classes. 

6. Payment of NZD$210.00 (Provider Direct Application) or NZD$310.00 (Immigration Online Application).

Class Attendance and Progression

To maintain your eligibility to hold a student visa, you are required:

  • to attend all classes unless there are genuine reasons for absences (must provide doctors note for any illnesses)
  • to make satisfactory progress on the programme you are enrolled on. You must pass at least 75% of your courses each semester. 

If you do not attend all classes or make satisfactory progress, Immigration New Zealand can revoke your visa. It is your responsibility to comply with the requirements to hold a student visa, and it is extremely important that you do so, as it may affect any future visa applications and your studies in New Zealand.

If you are sick and unable to come to classes, you must inform your tutor, student advisor or programme area administrator. If you plan to be absent (eg for travel or other reasons) you must seek approval from the programme manager before you take your leave. 

Resit/Repeat Course Fees

Failed courses must be repeated and usually incur payment of full course fees.  Payment is required in full before course start date.  Additional insurance costs may apply.