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First Year Fees Free - HOW DO I / Applying / Fees, costs and financing - NMIT Support

First Year Fees Free

The Government implemented one year free tertiary education for new domestic tertiary students studying level 3 or above. 

Visit the Fees Free website and enter your National Student Number (NSN) to check your eligibility status.

You can apply with us as normal we will take care of the rest.


Fees Free and Youth Guarantee

Remember you can also apply for Youth Guarantee for study in levels 1 - 3. Level 3 programmes are also eligible for Fees Free on one year of study.

If you are eligible for Youth Guarantee and are looking to study a level 3 programme, we suggest you apply for a Youth Guarantee place first. There are limited places and we will discuss your options, including if you are eligible for Fees Free study, if you are unsuccessful in securing a Youth Guarantee place.